World celebrates the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution

The anniversary of the dawn of the successful Greek war for independence will be observed around the world on March 25th, and many events will be live-streamed. The date, which is a double-holiday in Greece (besides marking the start of the revolution against the Ottomans, it’s also Annunciation – an important day in the Christian […]

“I Feel Blessed” Since Our Move Back to Greece

A move back to Greece is most Greek Americans’ dream — especially if you had spent your childhood there. Memories of blue skies, blue waters, delicious fresh food and tons of friendly faces, always bring a sense of nostalgia when we are away from the homeland. But thinking about this to acting upon it, are […]

Elon Musk to open Tesla R&D plant in Greece

Billionaire entrepreneur’s electric car company to set up engineering facility in Athens Elon Musk may have plans to colonise Mars but back on planet Earth he is extending his reach to Athens, by opening an engineering facility called Tesla Greece. Musk’s electric car business is an unsung success story for the Greek diaspora, with three of Tesla’s top designers […]

Delta Adds New Greece Flights In Response to Customer Requests

Delta Air Lines

Now that Greece has opened its doors to Americans once again after a year of banning them from its shores, Delta Air Lines has added two routes from the United States to Greece. Delta said in an announcement that the move was taken as part of its efforts to respond to its customers’ interests in […]

A Greek beach among the 12 best beaches in the world

For some travelers, the perfect beach trip consists of white sand and blue waters. For others, a family-friendly atmosphere defines a beach’s excellence. And yet for others, an off-the-grid setting is a top factor. In truth, there isn’t one ideal strip of sand that would suit everyone. Still, U.S. News ranking of the Best Beaches in the […]