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Relocate to Greece

Retire in Greece

Invest in Greece


How we help

  • Public sector

    We set-up affairs with the public sector

  • Network

    We connect you with the right people to get the job done

  • Residency

    Our team helps to go through all the processes to acquire your visa and get your residence’s permit

  • Moving & storage

    Moving arrangements is essential for an easy relocation and should be the least you have to worry about


What we provide

  • Healthcare

    We provide healthcare programmes

  • Exploration

    Explore & enjoy Greece’s hidden treasures

  • Home finding

    Our team can help you find the ideal property either you want to rent or buy it.

  • Settling in services

    We help you with joining social groups, finding interesting activities. Even registering with local authorities and obtaining a tax number


How we help

  • Research

    We do all the hard work for you

  • Bureaucracy

    We help you to speed up processes

  • Professionals

    We connect you with the right people to get the job done

  • Decision making

    We utilise all available information and resources to help you get the right decision

  • Partners

    Our network of partners assures the credibility of your investment

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What we provide

Don't worry about the future. Live it!

Let us take care of things while you focus on the Greece you know.